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How to Find Your Brand Voice

When it comes to creating your brand voice, you want to be personable yet memorable for your audience. Every brand has their own unique voice, let's learn how to find yours. By developing a brand voice you are setting yourself apart from others and creating a sense of familiarity with your audience. When you start using your brand voice across your social media, your customers and audience will begin to recognize it and its personal qualities. Every brand has their own unique voice, let's learn how to find yours.


The main thing you must always remember when it comes to finding your brand voice is to stay true to your brand on social media. Staying consistent throughout the creative process is essential for keeping up a good reputation with your audience. If there's any chance your brand voice is off, your audience may immediately pick up on it.

Take a look at your current interactions with your followers and customers. Take as many examples as you can and examine them. Are the word choices cohesive? From here, you should be able to determine what your current voice sounds like. Then you can move on to brainstorming the traits that you'd like to embody more in your voice.

Another way to take a step closer to developing your brand voice is by identifying your audience and target audience. If your audience is on the younger side, you should probably use vocabulary and language that resonates with them. If they're on the older side, maybe you skip out on the emojis and younger, "hip" terms and focus more on language that is familiar to them. Take this with a grain of salt, you really don't want to go overboard because it could come off as unauthentic and that you're just trying to follow the trends. Remember, stay true to your brand.

Your brand voice and your brand tone pretty much go hand in hand. Your brand voice is what you say, while your brand tone is how you say it. Your tone can fluctuate depending on your audience or platform so it's important to discuss with your team what tone to use in varying situations. For example, the tone you use when you're announcing a product launch is going to be completely different when you're responding to a customer's inquiry or complaint.

Developing your brand voice is essential and it should be worked on throughout the lifetime of the brand - it's not just a one and done thing. As your brand grows, language evolves with it. The trendy terms used three years ago are not used much today, there's a whole new set of vocabulary. Now that you've learned more information about how to develop your brand voice, go out and establish your own.

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